White Pitbull: learn more about the breed!

The white pitbull is one of the most popular variations of this breed of dog, called the American Pitbull Terrier. For many years, the pitbull has been associated with aggression, danger and threat but, in fact, this is a sweet, intelligent and very affectionate dog.

Originating in the United Kingdom, around the 19th century, the pitbull is the result of crossing the bulldog with the English terrier. The proposal was to develop a resistant, agile and very strong breed, which undoubtedly happened!

In addition, we can say that there was a very positive side effect: a protective dog and very attached to the guardians. This made the breed as a whole, which includes the white pit bull, popular even faster around the world.

The White Pit Bull’s Unfair Bad Name

White Pitbull

The white pit bull and its fellow racers who have other coat colours are reputed to be violent, aggressive, and extremely dangerous.

In fact, for a long time, these dogs were used as fighting dogs in illegal activities. In this environment, the pitbull could become dangerous like any other dog, as it was fighting for its own life!

Over the years, these activities — which are not only criminal but also very cruel — have come to be more actively opposed by animal rights activists and by society as a whole.

Unfortunately, we cannot say that dogfighting doesn’t happen anymore, as many ignorant people insist on this absurd practice.

Even with the decrease in fights between dogs promoted by people, the reputation that the white pitbull is a violent dog still persists, and the best way to combat this prejudice is with education.

White Pitbull: a kind, intelligent and somewhat clumsy giant

white pitbull

The white pit bull is very intelligent, and is quite happy to please his tutors. Therefore, keep in mind that any dog’s behaviour reflects the education received from the owners.

If you’re looking to welcome a white pit bull into the family, invest in training and socializing early on while it’s still a puppy.

The white pitbull’s pranks can be a little rough due to their size and strength, but that’s not synonymous with violence and aggression.

Recognize your dog’s efforts to be more delicate with lots of affection, affection and even some snacks: little by little, he will understand the limits of his strength and how far he can go with the game without hurting someone accidentally.


white pitbull

The white pitbull is a dog that demonstrates great loyalty to its guardian and is able to live very well with the family in which it lives.

When it comes to fidelity, they may even go too far for it. These dogs are capable of fighting to the death to defend their owners or their territory. This shows the immense courage these dogs have.

And remember that the white pitbull is a very resistant animal, which can withstand very high intensity pain. To top it off, they also have a lot of willpower and love to keep themselves busy.

Besides, they love to please.

For this reason, training these animals can be a relatively simple task, as long as it is done wisely. If taught well, he responds very well to orders that are directed at him.

WhitePitbulls are playful and fun

white pitbull

These dogs are very playful and fun. They love to be always accompanied by their owners, whether adults or children.

As they are very attached to the people of the family, they love affection and games with their owners.

Although they are very affectionate with children and love to play with them, they are big and very strong dogs. So it is not appropriate to leave them with young children unsupervised.

Due to its reputation as an aggressive, mean and dangerous dog, many people are afraid of these dogs. But when they are well-bred, they tend to have a pretty sizable personality.

However, to train them, it is necessary to be very careful due to the strength of the animal. Ideally, training starts with the dog as a puppy.

The same goes for socializing with other people and other animals. It must be done very calmly and carefully so that the dog learns to live properly.

If possible, it is quite appropriate for a person who has practised canine training to take care of the little white pitbull.

These animals are very intelligent, easily learning whatever they are taught. But remember that this goes for negative teachings as well.

Therefore, be careful not to give your dog undue ideas that encourage aggression and the use of force.

Be careful not to encourage more aggressive play. This can make the dog understand that it is okay to act in this way, which can have serious consequences.

Remember that positive discipline is the best way to train a dog like the Pitbull, as it will learn that love and affection are the answer to everything.

Care of the white pitbull

white pitbull

In general, to keep your white pitbull healthy, you must provide a quality feed, inadequate amounts for its age, weight and stage of life.

Make available, too, a drinking fountain that is always clean and with plenty of freshwater. Toys and snacks suitable for your dog’s size and physical strength are always welcome. Finally, take him on routine walks so the dog can exercise and socialize with other people and animals.

Be sure to take your white pitbull to your veterinarian’s regular appointments to keep your vaccinations up to date and get advice on how to take better care of your furry friend.

Remember that this is a breed very attached to its owners, so schedule your day to spend some good times in the company of your companion.

The white pit bull has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years of age. It takes several years for you to fill your dog with affection and receive a lot of love and gratitude in return.

Finally, an important tip: if you know of people or places that promote fights between dogs or other animals, don’t be silent; report it!

This may be the only chance these pets will have to start over, being treated with dignity and love, as it should be.

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