Should I Get The Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Into My Household As A Pet?

Are you looking for a pet fined that will be around you thick and thin? You are thinking just right, and a pet is a friend that will be there. But what if your mind has come to get the Rottweiler Pitbull mix?

 If you still aren’t sure if you should or should not get this one, let us read ahead and find out all we know about this breed? The rottweiler pitbull mix, also known as the PItweiler, is the most popular dog because of its protective large and lovely pooch.

What is the rottweiler pitbull mix?

The cross between the parent’s breed of rottweiler pitbull mix was to get a more agile guard dog. Unfortunately, these dogs do not only look powerful physically, but they are also very imposing. The mixes are mostly all muscle, and they may be quite hard to keep in control if you haven’t trained them well. 

If you need a running partner or an agility dog, this rottweiler pitbull mix is the right one for you. This dog may look like a pit bull or the Rottweiler, or they may also look like a mix in between the two. Many of these dogs have a powerful and muscular body that Pitbulls have, along with long legs that a rottweiler has.

They have looser jaws as well and may also drool. They mostly have the imposing height of a Rottweiler with a muscular build and thicker legs of a pitbull, making them ahead turner kind of dog. 

What are the Specialities of rottweiler pitbull mix?

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Although these dogs are very active and are very great in obedience, agility, and tracking, powerful, clever, and tenacious, they are not the breed that can be handled by a new owner or someone who lives in an apartment.

They aren’t also the kind of dog that will cuddle on the couch with you at night. Instead, they would love to go out for a run. If you think you can handle all of this, then the following information is all for you. 

Ready for some fun facts about the rottweiler pitbull mix?

  1. Rottweiler Pitbulls are a tough breed, but they are highly sensitive
  2. They do not reach their maximum size until they are 18 months of age
  3. They are great at all dog sports, mainly weight pulling and agility 
  4. Puppies are a lot more inexpensive as compared to the     other breeds
  5. Rottweiler Pitbull mix are often used as guard dogs


What is it like being a rottweiler pitbull mix?

The mix of Pitbulls and Rottweiler is a very playful dog that has a lot of energy. These dogs are always moving and require a lot of physical exercise and toys they can play with. Toys which allow them to play all by themselves are ideal if you are not there to play with them. 

This mix is not a big barker and will mostly bark if something is to be alerted about. Even then, it is mostly just one of two barks to have your attention and to inform you that something is going wrong. However, they bark very deeply and loud. 

Can I keep my rottweiler pitbull mix with my family?

Pitbulls and Rottweiler are quite good dogs that will let you be eased up whenever they are around. The same is with the rottweiler pitbull mix. When given the right training and socialization, they make just the best family dogs. But due to their nature, you have to be cautious with them being around little kids. 

These dogs are very easy to take care of; with some health issues and minimal grooming, these dogs are still not recommended to new owners. They need a lot of socialization growing up, and it may be hard for the new owners.

Both of these dogs are very active and physically capable dogs, and they need a lot of training. You have to train them properly so that they can make the best family dogs. 

How often should I take my rottweiler pitbull mix for a walk?

Both pit bulls and Rottweiler are very high-energy and highly driven breeds; this mix won’t be any different. These dogs need around an hour of running every day and then another half hour to play around the house. Tug, agility, and fetch are just the greatest ways to exercise these dogs extensively. 

Is a rottweiler pit bull mix easy to groom?

These dogs have short coats that make them low-maintenance dogs. A simple brush every week will be just enough. If your Rottweiler pitbull has a mixed coat, it may be a bit thicker and might shed more. These dogs are known for their low easy grooming and are good for busy owners who can’t take a lot of care of these dogs. 

As far as the feeding goes, these dogs are the best when fed a day thrice. If you cannot do this, you may split up the total food consumption in the morning and evening.

These dogs need a lot of high protein feed, mainly when they are in their growing years. As a result, you may see a few health issues present in this dog breed.

They may get hip or elbow dysplasia, cataracts, bloat, allergies, and Addison’s disease. If you are like many dog parents, you care for the pet you have very greatly. Having pet insurance may save you from the headache of going to many vets and having the vet bill top up every time. 


So is a rottweiler pitbull mix the perfect addition to my house?

As far as you can maintain this new family member in your house, you are good to go. If you are a new owner, you may benefit from some learning sessions in which you may learn how you can take care of your new pet. Once you two have gotten along, it is all fine and dines from there.
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