Razor Edge Pitbull – All You Need To Know

July 23, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

Do you know everything about Razor Edge Pitbull? If you are new to the market, you may not consider it due to its appearance and misconceptions. Razor edge Pitbull is a great companion for you, so make them a family pet. We know that it is difficult to predict the traits of crossbreed dogs. But Razor edge Pitbull is a safe crossbreed, unlike many others.

Razor Edge Pitbull is the result of crossbreeding between English Bulldog and Mastiff. As a result, they come in different colors ranging from grey to blue. Moreover, they have a sizable square head that makes these dogs entirely different from others. So it is easy to understand.

Razor edge Pitbull is also a loyal and high-energy breed that makes them excellent companion dogs. It has white and blue color traditionally, and they make sure that their color is well maintained.

Now, if you want a razor edge, Pitbull, as your family pet, it is essential to know everything about it. So here, we will share everything necessary for you regarding their appearance and history.

So let’s dig into it.

History and original purpose of the Razor edge Pitbull

razor edge pitbull

The Razor edge Pitbull is relatively new in dog crossbreeding. In 1980 Dave Wilson wanted to make his companion, so he got an idea and crossbred two different dogs. As a result, he receives the razor edge, Pitbull, with a muscular chest and short snout that makes him a stockier breed. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the razor edge, Pitbull, in the first attempt. So he tries different cross breeding of dogs until he gets the best companion. So it has seven generations and a lot of research by Wilson.

The appearance of razor Edge Pitbull

Now you know the origin of the razor edge pitbull. Next, it’s time to discuss its appearance and other related characteristics that help you better understand the loveable razor edge pitbull.


The gender of the razor edge Pitbull determines the weight of these Pitbull. However, mainly, the razor edge Pitbull is a muscular dog. Female razor edge Pitbull weighs around 55 to 70 pounds, whereas male razor edge Pitbull weighs only 40 to 55 pounds.


Male razor edge Pitbull has 18 to 19 inches in height, whereas the female razor edge Pitbull ranges from 17 to 18inches. So its size also varies according to gender.


Now the coat of razor edge Pitbull is deficient in shedding dogs, requiring regular grooming sessions. The Razor edge Pitbull has a short and stiff coating that has a glossy look. It helps the effective shedding during grooming. Moreover, the true razor edge Pitbull comes in one color, matching their nose shade.

Coat color

The Razor edge Pitbull has a wide range of colors and differs according to the genes they inherit from their parents. The color of many Pitbull varies between the shades of grey and black. Moreover, they have white markings on their face, but the designs vary for every dog. These white markings are also present on their chest and feet.

Head and face

Razor edge pitbull has the wide square muzzle heat that gives them an aggressive look. If you have first contact with this dog breed, you may feel it is dangerous.

The nose color of a razor edge pitbull depends on its inherited genes, but its nose color matches the coat. Moreover, the ear shape of the razor edge pitbull also depends on the genetic pool as it may be cropped or pointy like both parent dogs.

Razor edge pitbull keep the dopest facial effects, but you find them an intelligent animal other than other dog breeds when you have affection and love for them.

Body and build

The body and build of the razor edge pitbull are short, muscular, and stocky. This breed has a strong chest with thick legs. We all know that pitbull have an athletic physique with a healthy body. Similarly, the razor edge pitbull has a short but stockier body.

The temperament of Razor edge pitbull

The temperament, intelligence, and many more characteristics in razor edge Pitbull come from their parent genes. So they may look or behave like Pitbull or maybe like Mastiff. Their genetic factors are unpredictable. Razor edge pitbull have aggressive facial expressions, but they are not aggressive in actuality.

Character Traits of a Blue Razor Pitbull

As we already said in the temperament section, that razor edge pitbull doesn’t have an aggressive temperament. However, if you own a razor edge pitbull and raise them with care, love then you will notice they have a natural companionable character.

Razor edge pitbull are energetic, so they need plenty of active exercises like walking, playing games, and many more. Keep in mind that dogs also have human-like emotions that help you in making clear decisions. Sometimes they are rational, but sometimes they are neutral.

Moreover, the Razor edge pitbull is a loyal dog breed for its owner. However, keep in mind that this breed may also hurt you in aggression if you are not a good owner.

Health Concerns related to razor edge pitbull

razor edge pitbull

Razor edge pitbull is generally a healthy breed. But still, they may suffer from some common health concerns that you need to care about while raising them.

Here are some common health issues related to razor edge pitbull that they may suffer at some point in their age.

Hip Dysplasia

It is a common issue among dogs who have bulky body build. Razor edge pitbull also have an active lifestyle and gain weight rapidly. Ensure that you follow the health of the razor edge pitbull and go for regular checkups.


Cataracts are an eye disease that razor edge pitbull may face during their old age. The dog may face any trauma on the eye or have diabetes issues that lead them to cataracts. Moreover, it is also a genetically inherited disorder that they have blurred vision or even blindness.

Heart Disease

The Razor edge pitbull dog breed is prone to heat issues that can be congenital heart diseases or irregular heart rhythm when they grow older.

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