How Can A Pocket Pitbull Be Your Best Companion At Any Age?

Having pets in one’s house is one of the most wholesome feelings. Unlike a human being, your pets won’t need me time and won’t run off from you in any case. This wholesome feeling is why you must get yourself a pet dog. Pocket Pitbull is one of the cutest dogs that you can get to keep up the company in your house. 

Let us find out all that you must know before getting yourself a pet Pocket Pitbull. 

Pocket Pitbull is a mixed kind of dog breed with a cross of American Pitbull Terrier and the Patter dale Terrier. It is also known as the small-sized breed of around 12 to 16 inches, weighing around 11 to 22 pounds.

Let us find out the other facts about this dog that are necessary to know if you want to bring this pet home. First, these dogs aren’t the same as their names: Well, they are named pocket Pitbulls, but they aren’t the ones you can fit into your pockets!

They are only the smaller version of their parent’s breed that is the American Pitbull Terrier. The pocket Pitbulls inherit from their parent breed the short stature. They grow between 12 to 16 inches tall. 

The best Exercise partner

Well, we all want our pets to be playful and run around with us, right? This is where a miniature pitbull can be your best friend. These are the dogs that need at least an hour of excessive exercise each day.

If you are a runner and go for it every day, you can take your pet and you. If you have a garden in your house, you can fit this pet in, but you must not have this dog in your house. 

pocket pitbull
Dog is male white and brown color standing on grass

Kids favourite

Kids always love pets, but this miniature pitbull is a special one. They are often named the nanny dog. But they must not be for the very small kids. As they have active and strong bodies, hence they may knock a child over.

You must always be around your kids if you have the pocket pitbull around, not of any harm they may cause but because of the extra weight they may put on your child. You must also train your kids on how they should pat the dog and approach it. 

Pocket Pitbulls will always have your back

Mini pitbull is a very good watchdog, and it will bark aloud to alert you if it sees an intruder. This instinct comes from a very strong desire to protect their land and their family.

However, you must also make sure that this behaviour is kept in check. While you might need a guard dog, you may need to teach her to not be highly territorial to the extent that it attacks the people that pass by your door or into it. 

Easy to maintain

Well, that’s a huge plus, right? A small pitbull is a dog breed that is very easy to maintain. In addition, this dog has a coat that makes it quite attractive. It is shiny and smooth and maybe cream, white, brown, black and tan, or gray.

This is a very short and low maintenance coat, and hence it won’t need a lot of constant grooming. 

Micro pitbull is expensive as compared to the  purebred:

As these dogs are known as designer dogs and rare to be around, they are a lot more pricey. If you wish to bring home a pocket pit, you may have to prepared to pay a bit more than you would do for the purebred. 

Always get your mini pitbull from the reputable breeders

There are always some irresponsible breeders, and you should be careful when you are buying from them. If you can, try getting a referral from people you know, such as a vet or friend. This way, there will be a lot lesser chances of falling prey to the scammers. 

Pocket pitbull may have some health issues:

As with all dog breeds, these dogs can have some health issues descending from their parent breeds. This is why you must make sure that you have picked some high-quality breeder that may give you evidence of the healthy breeding and the good physical care that has been taken of the puppy.

Your puppy may have heart diseases, eye issues, or skin issues based on its parent breeds. These days pocket pit bulls are a very appealing and popular addition to any family in the US.

They are being considered to be owned by so many people, and you must be aware of what you should expect from a pocket pitbull. Miniature pitbull is not of the teacup size as you may think.

They are very small, but they are highly muscular dogs that look a lot like Pitbull. They have very high levels of energy and also need a lot of exercise and time to play. 

Are They Loyal?

These dogs are the best with kids, and they show loyalty and protectiveness. But it would help if you always kept the instincts in check so that your pocket pitbull doesn’t become highly protective or territorial.

They are expensive to purchase compared to the purebred pitbull; hence, you should be ready to spend more. Make sure you are making your purchase from high-quality breeders. This will let you stay away from diseases that your pitbull may catch later in life.

These were almost all the information that you need to get the best of your miniature pitbull. 

These dogs are just so much fun to keep in any household, and they can become a part of the family real quick. A furry friend at home is fun and relaxing, and this is why you must go ahead and yours right away! When are you going to get one for yourself?
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