Why will a Pitbull Bulldog mix be your best pet at home?

July 3, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

The Pitbull bulldog mix is the cross of an American Bulldog and the American Pitbull known as the Bully Pit. It is a medium-sized dog around 20 to 2 inches tall and may weigh between 70 to 120 pounds. The lifespan of this breed is 10 to 13 years, and these dogs may cost around $250 to $2000.

The American Bulldog Pitbull mix proves that dogs may never be judged by the breed they have. Also known as the Bully Pit, this loyal, sweet hybrid dog has inherited the negative reputation of its parents that are the American bulldog and the American Pit Bull terrier.

Pitbull bulldog mix is known to have dangerous looks, but these are very sweet dogs. Unfortunately, with this pitbull bulldog hybrid, the look may be deceiving.

How big will my Bulldog and Pitbull mix puppy grow?

This crossbreed doesn’t grow as tall as the American bulldog, but it is the body that tends to be heavy and stocky. Most bully pits are medium-sized, and the bodies are also muscular compact. The Pit Bull gives the hybrids their long muzzle. Pointed ears and the largemouths complete their faces.

 Like parent breeds, many American bulldog pitbull mix breeds have smooth coats and short, fine hair. In addition, their coats come in a wide variety of colors, including black, brown, tan, white, cream, red, grey, and brindle.

The appearance of the bulldog pitbull mix also depends on the specific parent that is used inbreeding.

What is the temperament of the Pitbull Bulldog mix?

This crossbreed goofy smile may alone dispel all the misconceptions of the temperament they have. As long as they get firm obedience training and also socialization at an early age, these breeds will prove to be friendly and fun-loving. They are the same fun with your family and other dogs. This crossbreed makes for affectionate, sweet pets who enjoy being under the attention of all around them.

Don’t be surprised if the bully pit you have loves making you laugh and entertain you with his antics. One distinguishing trait of this dog is the loyalty it has to its pack. This crossbreed tends to be very protective of the family members. Using the deep voice, it has to warn about something suspicious happening in your house.

It has its natural protectiveness and loyalty that, when combined with the strong, intimidating physique, makes it the best guard dog.

Is Pitbull Bulldog mix well around kids?

Due to their energetic, playful nature, pitbull bulldog mixes are great around kids, mainly those they grow up with. In addition, these patient dogs have a high threshold of pain, and they won’t get bothered by curious kids pulling their tails or ears.

A properly trained pitbull bulldog mix will also get protective of the kids in its family. It understands that your kids are on the totem pole of their pack’s hierarchy; hence it is prepared to protect your kids from all harm.

Is this dog impossible to train?

The main thing about training this dog is having the right kind of attitude. The pitbull bulldog mix has a confident and assertive personality; hence it will apply only to a similar person. If you want the bully pit, you will need to establish your position as a dominant alpha of their pack.

American Bulldog Pitbull mixes will prove highly intelligent dogs that can quickly follow your commands with the rightful owner. They will adapt to your positive behavior. They are very eager to please and are also comfortable with being trained mainly for your family protection.

You may start training this dog as soon as they are only 8 weeks old. They are highly receptive to the behaviors and habits that you wish them to learn at this age. By training your pitbull bulldog mix from an early age, you may help your dog understand the role you have as the alpha and its position in its pack hierarchy.

How much space or room does a Pitbull Bulldog mix need?

Pitbull Bulldog mix

These hybrid dogs have a lot of energy to spare, but that does not mean they will be happy only in their homes with huge backyards. On the contrary, bully pits will thrive in the apartment as long as they have a lot of exercises every day.

This dog needs 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise daily. It will love being your very own running buddy or going along with you on fun walks around the block. They will also enjoy going to a dog park or places where they may interact with other people and dogs.

A lot of mental stimulation is important for the American Pitbull Bulldog mix, making sure you play brain games such as hide and seek and treasure hunts. Like many dogs, this one can get destructive or frustrated if it doesn’t have enough exercise.

If you have a huge backyard, make sure you keep the bully pit safe by installing a fence at least 6 feet tall. Just like the pit bull parent, the pitbull bulldog mix is a very accomplished jumper.

Is it hard to take care of this Pitbull Bulldog mix?

With an American bulldog pitbull mix, shedding is not a problem. These dogs are very low shedders that do not need a lot of brushing. However, a thorough brushing once or twice a week is okay to keep their coats to stay shiny and healthy. You will enjoy your time with these dogs as they will make your yard super fun and joyful.

The hybrid’s teeth and ears must also be checked and cleaned at least once a week to keep the infections. Just like the parent breeds, the American bulldog pitbull cross tends to have more weight easily. You must limit their daily food intake. Feed this dog of yours 2 ½ tp 4 cups of dry dog food at every step to keep your pet on a healthy weight.

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