Pitbull Mastiff Mix – All You Need To Know

July 4, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

You may know the Pitbull mastiff with another name like pit mastiff or American Masti-bull. No matter by which name you call them. They are crossbreed offspring of two dogs, including Pitbull and Mastiff. They are large dogs with a varying lifespan between 8 to 12 years.

Pitbull Mastiff is a great companion dog for its owner. If you want to have a dog as your guard, there is no better choice than the Pitbull Mastiff. Moreover, if your young or older children want a dog as their pet, Pitbull mastic is best. They are also known for their socialization.

Here we will share the complete guide regarding their appearance and origin so you can effectively decide about adopting them as a family pet.

History and original purpose of the Pitbull Mastiff

pitbull mastiff mix

The Mastiff is an old breed of dogs that are also known as Molosser. They are available at every corner of the globe. People use them as war dogs, guard dogs, entertainment and fighting and hunting, and many more. But a time came in 1835 when these breed dogs eventually disappeared after the bull-baiting and fighting dog tradition. However, people in England search for their puppies to revive them as a pet. Now mastiff breeds are courageous and protective but not aggressive.

Pitbull is not a dog breed, but it comes from the Bulldog. They are popular in bull-baiting and dog fighting before the ban by law. Pitbull Mastiff is confident, courageous, and friendly. They are the best choice for family protection.

Pitbull mastiff crossbreed dogs also have similar traits, and in history, they are known for their protective behavior towards their owner.


pitbull mastiff mix

Popularly known as Pitbull, the American Pit Bull Terrier is close to the family and very playful, being a great companion dog. Despite this, he has the reputation of an aggressive dog, which does not match his docile and affectionate temperament.

Its real name gives clues to its origin, which happened between Europe and the USA. In the 19th century, breeders in England, Ireland, and Scotland crossed the Bulldog with the English Terrier. Thus emerged the Bull-and-Terrier, a breed that combined the sportiness of the Terrier and the strength and strength of the Bulldog. Tough and brave, they were used for dogfighting, but their gentle personality already indicated that their future would be much more noble.

Around 1850, the Bull-and-Terrier arrived in the United States, arousing the interest of breeders. The breed was perfected and gave rise to the American Pit Bull Terrier, or simply Pitbull, as we call it here! The breed began to be used on farms for protection, herding, and hunting with the ban on dogfighting. It was there that the Pitbulls’ docility stood out, and they showed themselves to be companion dogs and very affectionate, being increasingly used as companion animals.

Despite its powerful countenance, the angry Pitbull is just the wrong image. They are very happy and energetic dogs, who love to play and have fun with their guardians. Friendly, faithful, and companions, they are very suitable for families.

The Pitbull breed is intelligent and loves to play and do tricks. Furthermore, they are also self-confident and courageous. Characteristics that make them very special dogs also require greater care with their socialization, since they are dogs with a powerful physique.


pitbull mastiff mix

The mastiff dog breed belongs to the mastiff-like pinschers and is one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. It is considered the forefather of many other dog breeds, such as the Great Dane or the Bulldog. Before the term “mastiff” was used for a special breed of dog, it was used to describe any dog ​​with a particularly broad head and wrinkled forehead. The Romans also knew such dogs.

It is unclear where the Mastiff originally came from. Various Tibetan dog breeds are suspected of having provided the forefather of this breed. Dogs from Macedonia that came to England by ship are also eligible. The Mastiff is mentioned for the first time in a letter from the 14th century. Although the Mastiff is actually of a calm disposition, it was bred as a war dog as early as the 15th century. The task of these dogs was to protect their masters on the battlefield. When swords were no longer popular, the Mastiff was eventually used for hunting bears and bulls. The pure breeding of this dog breed did not begin until much later, in 1820.

Keeping this pedigree dog requires space. Mastiffs cannot be kept in a small, cramped city apartment because of their size alone. Ideally, the dogs are allowed to work as watchdogs and monitor a larger property. But at least they should be allowed to live in a house with a garden and get enough exercise and activity. Raising a mastiff requires patience and time, and must be raised with empathy.

The appearance of Pitbull Mastiff

pitbull mastiff mix

The Pitbull mastiff is not a typical designer dog like other purebred parents. Pitbull and Mastiff have different temperaments, but few qualities are common in both. Both parents are effective for guard and protective purposes; similarly, their offspring are outstanding for protection.

Mastiff Pitbull crossbreed has a muscular physique that looks rectangular and boxy. However, they have a more extended height with broad shoulders and thick necks.

They have short and thick ears that look appealing at their broad face. Moreover, it has a short coat that provides a robust and sweaty look.

It comes in various colors ranging from black, brown, blue, and red, along with the brindle pattern. The Pitbull mastiff mix requires significant training to make them your loyal guard. It is a fact that he doesn’t socialize without training.

Moreover, they are brilliant with a high level of energy that suits best for active owners. So it can be a good family dog due to its intelligence.

Keep in mind that they are a fun-loving breed that loves to play around with fun activities. So if they are left alone for some time, they may feel depression and anxiety that is not suitable for their health. After proper training, they get a lot of attention. This lovely breed doesn’t show little aggression and adequately socialize.

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