Is it a good idea to have a Mini pitbull?

August 22, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

Have you heard a lot about Mini Pitbulls already and are hoping to buy one? Continue reading to learn some important information before getting this dog.

Mini PitBulls, also known as “Pocket Pit Bulls” or “Micro Bullies,” are a popular dog breed. It’s a great addition to any family because of its small size and low-maintenance features.

This article will disprove myths and introduce new truths about this cheerful, friendly, and adorable dog breed.

What is Mini Pitbull?

mini pitbull

The Mini Pitbull is a cross between two dog breeds. The majority of designer breeds are the result of a cross between two purebred, registered breeds.

A Mini Pitbull, aka pocket pitbull, resembles a miniature version of an American Pit Bull. It has the same posture and chunky head as a full-grown pit bull, but it’s the size of a tiny terrier.

Few Truths you need to know about Mini Pitbull

1. Mini Pitbull Can be your Best Friend

Mini Pitbulls make excellent companions for you and your children when adequately trained, combining Patterdale’s playfulness and the Pitbull’s gentle “nanny dog” nature.

However, because they are powerful and active dogs, We would not recommend them for tiny children – a boisterous young puppy could easily knock over a small child.

To be safe, you should always supervise your child when they are near your dog. It is also necessary to teach children how to interact with dogs, such as approaching, pet, and when to leave them alone.

2. They are extremely energetic

These puppies have a lot of energy, so make sure they get plenty of exercise. Depending on where you live, you may let them run free, catch tennis balls, or go for long leash walks. If you do not allow them to spend some of their energy, they will find other ways to do so.

This could include tearing apart your couch, chewing on your favorite shoes, or destroying the inside of your front door. A couple of hours of activity should be enough to get rid of the problem behaviours. Don’t get a young mini pitbull if you can’t commit to this daily requirement.

3. They can be loyal family members

They will become a loyal companion if it builds up an emotional attachment to your loved ones. If you’re not careful, this can manifest as an overly protective personality. Consistent training can help avoid damaging behaviour.

Less experienced dog owners would be best to consider professional help in training this dog, such as by enrolling in a class. It is best to introduce new people and animals to your mini pitbull gradually.

4. They require little preservation

Mini Pitbulls are relatively simple to care for, thanks to their short coats. However, you may need to pay special attention to their diets.

5. They are fantastic for home security

mini pitbull

High energy combined with loyalty results in one hell of a home security system. Consistent training should begin as soon as you bring your mini pitbull home if you want your dog to scare away intruders but not visiting friends.

Most of them keep one ear cocked for unusual noises and will bark their heads off if they detect danger.As a result, they must be trained to respond appropriately to commonplace noises.

6. They require few grooming sessions

Fortunately, because this dog has a short, smooth coat, it will only need to be brushed once a week. This should be done with a rubber mitt to keep their coat tangle-free and remove any loose hairs. If they have a longer coat, they will need to be brushed more frequently.

You will only need to bathe your mini Pitbull when necessary, such as if they have rolled in something unpleasant. You will also need to keep your teeth clean to avoid dental decay and disease. This can be accomplished with dental sticks. Keep an eye on their nails and clip them as necessary.

7. They Love Socializing

Socialization is an essential part of raising any breed of dog. Mini Pitbulls adore social interaction. As a result, exposing your pet to new sounds, sights, smells, places, people, and animals at a young age will ensure that they are not afraid and do not perceive anything as a threat. This significantly aids in the reduction of aggressive or hostile behaviour.

8. Health Issues

Mini Pitbulls, like all dog breeds, are sensitive to specific health issues. Because of hypothyroidism, many pit bulls acquire weight later in life. Thyroid gland malfunction results in a decline in hormone levels, a dull coat, and laziness.

Hip dysplasia is a common problem in hundreds of dog breeds; it occurs when a dog’s hip joints grow abnormally due to a lack of exercise and a poor diet. If they can lose any excess weight, their chances of developing hip dysplasia will be reduced.

Heart disease, eye problems, and skin allergies are some of the other health issues that this breed can face face. Grains are a common allergen for Pit Bulls, so if this condition appears, try grain-free dog food.

To keep your dog healthy, adopt from a reputable breeder, feed your dog high-quality dog food, and give it lots of exercise.

How Much Do Mini Pitbulls Cost?

They are more expensive than purebred Pit Bulls because they require specific breeding. You should budget between $1500 and $2500 for your Mini Pitbull. Some of them sell for as much as $75,000.

Wrapping UP:

A Mini Pitbull is the ideal pet for individuals who desire a Pitbull but don’t have space. It is a loving and friendly dog breed by combining an American Pitbull Terrier with a Patterdale Terrier.

With such high activity requirements, you’ll need to make sure you have the time to care for this pup properly, but their loyal and protective attitude will ensure they bond to you for life. The beautiful dog is a beautiful addition to any family because it is gentle with youngsters. So when you are going to buy this adorable dog?
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