Things to know about a husky pitbull mix

August 22, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

Are you looking for a big, tamed, and adorable dog and loves to cuddle? You might have a hard time choosing a dog with all these qualities in one place. But, no more worries, this mix would be the perfect pick for you.

Let’s tell you all the details and facts you need to know about this breed.

What is a husky pitbull mix?

pitbull husky mix

When you hear the name of this breed, you know it’s a cross between two breeds. One of them is an American pit bull terrier, and the other is a Siberian or Alaskan husky dog. Their coin name is Pitsky. These dogs are most commonly found in rescue centres and shelter homes, so they are mostly adopted instead of being shopped. This breed is the unique one.

From where this mix came?

There is no confirmed origin yet known. They have existed naturally for a long time. Breeders worked on designing this breed in the late twentieth century. The primary purpose of this mix was to observe a decline in dogs’ health issues since hybrid mixes are more immune to some common dog diseases than pure breeds.

Things to know about their parents

Both of the parents are known to have aggressive natures. But both are harmless and loving dogs. They resemble the parent that’s dominant more than the other one, both in appearance and behaviour.

American pitbull terrier

This dog came from the United Kingdom. The dog was initially bred and trained for big animal fights in pits. They faced brutal conditions and were poorly treated, but still, they were the dogs with big hearts and loyalty.

Pitbull terriers are strong, muscly, adorable, caring, and protective canine partners. They have a good health record too.

Alaskan husky

Alaskan husky is not precisely a breed but more like one of the classification of huskies. These dogs have a muscular build, are very energetic, and take part in many snow games. They can perform all the chores of an Arctic canine.

Siberian husky

A cheerful, loving, and active dog breed. The breed is known for having beautiful eyes. They love to be around people. When they are alone, they owl and bark and chew everything. They are the dogs that love to do chores and love the challenges.

The appearance of a husky pitbull mix

pitbull husky mix

When two breeds are mixed, the offspring are expected to have similar characteristics to both parents. But if any parent is dominant, the next generation will look majorly like that one.

  • Husky Pitbulls are bigger dogs. They are medium to large.
  • They have blue, black, or brown noses.
  • Their ears are upright and triangular or folding ones.
  • They have a short muzzle.
  • Husky pitbulls’ heads are broad.
  • They have the eyes that make them attractive, and they stand out in the crowd. Eye color can be blue, brown, hazel, or amber. The eyes are almond-shaped.
  • They have a sturdy body in general.

What kind of coat they have?

Husky pitbulls’ coat also varies depending upon the dominant parent genes. If the husky is the dominant one, then the coat is long and woolly. While if it closely resembles the pitbull parent, then the coat would be short and smooth. The coat is a bit dense and silky too.

Pitskies have a solid colored coat usually, but the coat could be a mix of two colors as well.

  • White
  • Brown
  • Brindle
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Fawn
  • Silver
  • Black
  • A mix of two colors

How long does a Pitsky live?

Dogs also require proper healthcare. Under a favorable environment, they will be able to live a longer and healthier life. Pitskies can usually live from 8-12 years, but you have to take good care of them.

How much a husky pitbull weigh?

Husky Pitbulls are the offspring of two dogs that have a good enough weight. Husky Pitbulls are also suitable for weighing dogs. In general, they can have a healthy weight of up to 70lbs.

  • Male Pitsky weighs from 50-65 pounds.
  • Female Pitsky weighs from 45-60 pounds.

Height of the husky pitbull

These dogs have an average height that lies within the expected height range of dogs, i.e. 18-24 inches. The male dog could be as tall as 22 inches, while the female dog is usually no taller than 21 inches.

About the temperament of Pitskies

  • Pitskies are even-tempered dogs.
  • These dogs are intelligent and quick learners.
  • They are energetic ones and will always be found busy doing something.
  • They are very friendly with the people around them.
  • Husky Pitbulls are playful.
  • They are loyal enough that once they get attached to you, they won’t leave your side ever.
  • They are very protective of their owners and their families.
  • They won’t behave well if you leave them alone. They might become all noisy and disobedient in this case.
  • They have perfect prey drives.

Taking care of a husky pitbull

You should consult a veterinarian to discuss the grooming sessions and caring routine of your dog. Generally, taking care of them is not a challenging task. Take notes for few things.

  • A bristled brush would be nice for their coat.
  • A regular bath is a compulsion.
  • They are trimming their nails and hair after some time.
  • They are using dental sprays and brushing their teeth.

Is this mix a healthy breed?

As you know, the main aim of hybrid mixes is to improve the dogs’ health issues. It’s the same in this case too. Husky Pitbulls are, however, prone to some common dog diseases just like their parents. These are listed below.

  • Allergies
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye diseases
  • Heart diseases

The overall health ranking of Pitskies is good.

Exercising requirements of this breed

A lazy person cannot live with this dog. These dogs are active and energetic, which means they need a god 2 hours of activity in a day to function correctly.

They love going for walks, long runs, fetching games, climbing, and swimming, etc.

A nutritional guide for a husky pitbull

Higher energy levels demand a good amount of food but never overfeed your pet. We recommend two meals a day.

  • 3-4 cups of dried food of high quality would be best.

Final word

I hope you have already made your mind to get your hands on this fantastic and unique creation.
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