The Most Friendly And energetic Boxer Pitbull Mix

August 22, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

Are you looking for a puppy with a friendly nature with family and children? Or a strong and active puppy that is physically capable of doing hard tasks or is capable of guarding if trained? Then, this boxer Pitbull Mix is the best choice.

As the name represents, It is a mixed breed dog. It is a cross between the boxer and the American Pitbull Terrier dog breeds. The puppies of this breed inherit a set of distinctive characteristics from their parents, like they are extremely powerful, energetic, faithful, etc.

Boxer Pitbull Mix is sometimes called the Pixoter or American Bullboxer. You can easily find this dog breed in the rescues and shelter houses. So, if you are willing to take one with you, don’t hesitate to take them with you. Just take good care of them, and they will be all yours. Also, don’t search for a breeder to get them as they are readily available.

This breed is very faithful and protective. They bond very nicely with family and children. Their nature will become the same as you train them at an early age. Make a habit of rewarding your puppy when it makes any progress. An attentive and responsible pet parent will bring the best out of the Boxer Pitbull Mix.

What is the History of the Boxer Pitbull Mix:

The breed of Boxer Pitbull Mix dates back into the early 18th century. They have a very interesting heritage. They date back to the times when dogs were used to deliver messages. They originate from Germany.

Boxer Pitbull Mix Breed characteristics:

Every breed has its own and unique set of characteristics that make them different from other breeds. Following are some of the characteristics of this dog. The first-ever Boxer Pitbull Mix dates back to its ancestors named Bullenbeisser. But they don’t exist now.


Studies have shown that this breed is not the most adaptable one out of the whole lot.

  • The is not suitable for you if you are living in an apartment.
  • They’re not very sensitive but still demand decent handling.
  • They’re not too good for novice owners.
  • They can somehow tolerate a bit of loneliness. But it’s advised not to leave them alone for a longer duration.
  • They can handle cold and hot weather up to a certain limit. Avoid the exposure of these dogs to extreme weather conditions, whether it’s hot or cold.


After observing their general behavior, it’s concluded that they are quite friendly depending upon the individuals.

  • They’re highly affectionate with family and kids.
  • They aren’t that much friendly with other dogs and strangers.


Various diseases that can attack the Boxer Pitbull Mix are as follows:

• Obesity due to overeating.

• Cardiomyopathy

• Hip dysplasia

• Demodectic mange.

These diseases can be avoided using the proper vaccinations and can be cured through proper treatment.


These dogs have quite good trainability as compared to other breeds.

  • They can be trained according to the requirements, but it isn’t that easy to train them.
  • They’re very intelligent.
  • They have a greater tendency to bark and howl.
  • They’re highly efficient when it comes to prey drive.

Vital stats:

Vital signs play a crucial role in the proper growth of any dog. The vital stats of  this dog breed are as follows.

  • They have a height ranging from 16 to 20 inches.
  • They have an approximate weight of 50 to 80 pounds.
  • Their average life span ranges from 10 to 14 years.

Daily exercises of a Boxer Pitbull Mix:

Like humans, dogs also needs proper physical exercise daily to maintain health standards. By nature, this breed is very active and likes physical exercise. Their physique also demands daily exercise.

Take your Boxer Pit bull Mix for a walk of almost an hour twice a day. If you notice any abnormalities during the walk, give the rest of 5 minutes to your dog and some water too. You can also train your dog to play with dog toys. This will also be counted in exercise time. Just make sure that the toys are durable because this dog has very strong jaws and weak toys are of no use.

One more benefit of playing is that your puppy gets used to and is familiar with your family members. So, try to provoke this activity if you want to build a good bond with your puppy.

Suitable Diet for a Boxer Pit bull Mix:

The proper diet is very necessary to keep your dog in perfect shape. Following are some of the diets that are considered best for the Boxer Pit bull Mix.

  • A protein-rich food for healthy bones and strong joints.
  • Regular intake of fish oil can keep the heart as well as kidneys safe from failure.
  • This will also result in better skin of your dog.
  • 4 to 5 cups of dog food divided into 3 meals can also benefit your grown-up Boxer Pitbull Mix.

How much does a puppy Boxer Pitbull Mix costs?

As mentioned earlier, if you want to keep this breed dog as a puppy, no need to purchase it from a breeder. Rather, you can adopt one from any shelter. But still, if you aren’t convinced of adopting one from any shelter and want to purchase, it will cost you around 500 USD to 1000 USD.

But still, if you’re going to purchase this from a breeder, be careful. Because, nowadays, some breeders are confusing with the Boxer Pitbull Mix with American Pitbull Terrier. Don’t be a fool of his trick and get the right one from any reputable breeder.


boxer pitbull mix

Considering all the facts and information regarding this dog, it is clear that if you want a family and children-friendly pet and should be active, then it is the best choice. Once trained with care and love, it will prove more faithful and loving than a man.

And you can also use it for guarding purposes because of its strong body and nature. But this will be dependent upon how you train it.
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