Are Blue Pitbulls Most Adorable And Faithful Breed?

August 22, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

Blue pitbull is a rare breed. Not many people are well aware of it yet, but those who know about its characters, personality, and appearance want them even if they have to search the whole world for them. This influence of these dogs on the dog-lovers has created an excellent portfolio for them.

In this article, you are going to learn about all the essential information about a blue pitbull.

What is a blue pitbull?

As the name suggests about it being blue. But don’t be deceived by the phrase, as the dog doesn’t need to exist in blue color. This is not a separate breed; it is the same as other Pitbulls, except for the difference in the color of the coat and that too because of a recessive gene. It is an adorable dog with appealing facial features and is a loyal one too.

The appearance of a blue pitbull

Blue Pitbulls are just like any other pit bull.

  • They have a broad faces.
  • Their muzzle is short.
  • They have blue eyes that are smaller in size.
  • Their nose is grey.
  • They have a well-defined body.
  • They appear muscly.

Are they blue?

They are not exactly blue. They are a shade of grey. Sometimes light and sometimes dark. They are just solid-colored dogs. They might have stripes of some other colors like brindle.

They also show some white or light markings on different parts of their coats.

The reason behind the blue color

Blue color dogs exist due to some recessive traits, thus leading to their rarity.

Breeding fact file of the dog

Life span

These dogs live up to 12-16 years of life.


Females and Males both are usually 30-70 lbs.


Males are 20 inches, and females are 18 inches.

The temperament of blue Pitbulls

Pitbulls in early history worked as fighting dogs and were considered harmful and aggressive. Many myths circulated about the Pitbulls attacking, but they were all a lie. They are excellent dogs, to be precise. Some of their qualities that attract others are:

  • Pitbulls are the most loving dog breeds.
  • They are very protective dogs.
  • They are always on about pleasing the owner’s family.
  • This breed has high predatory instincts.
  • Pitbulls show affection to people, especially children.
  • They are great and loyal companions to grow with.
  • They get along well with other animals when socialized properly.
  • They also enjoy the alone time when it is noisy in the house

Diet of blue pitbull

A good and healthy diet is a compulsion for the pet with sound health. When the dog is in a growing phase, it requires complete nutrition rich in proteins and fatty acids. Tinned food is also suitable for them. Ensure proper diet of your dog; otherwise, it may show lethargy.

  • 2-3 cups of kibble every day is recommended.

Are they high-energy dogs?

Yes! Pitbull generally is highly energetic. They are always ready to play and do fun. Due to their high energies, they are active, and their power must be utilized in a good way or positive activity. Otherwise, the pressure might build up and cause troublesome situations. A good exercise is also recommended.

Health issues of blue pitbull

All dogs tend to develop some genetic health problems. But not all of them encounter the same issues. The health condition varies from breed to breed.

Blue Pitbulls are usually prone to the following diseases:

  • Heart problems
  • Cancer
  • Cataract (vision problem)
  • Hypothyroidism (thyroid problem)
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Allergies

How to train your dog?

This is an intelligent dog, so it is easy to train as well. Like any other dog, Blue Pitbulls respond best to positive reinforcement, so praise your dog after a good action is performed. Exercising it more means it will be trained better. Proper socialization also brings positive changes.

These dogs also go on prey drives that can be handled easily as well. These are generally strong dogs, so they need proper guidance to utilize their high energy levels along with proper socialization training. It will help them avoid aggressiveness.

Exercise guide for blue pitbull

blue pitbull

These dogs require lots of exercise. They love to go on adventures and do different climbing activities as well. Plenty of exercise is a basic need of these dogs. You can give them, 2 hours almost of complete activeness. We recommend keeping your dog on a leash while doing the exercise and playing routine

They are high-energy and athletic dogs and love to do outdoor activities. Their owner should be an active person too. Since they are aggressive sometimes due to high energy storage, it’s better to burn off their extra energy in exercise.

Does this breed have higher energy?

Yes, these dogs have higher energies. They are always ready to play and do fun. Due to their high powers, they are active, and their power must be utilized in a good way or positive activity. Otherwise, the pressure might build up and cause troublesome situations. A good exercise is also recommended.

Is this a strong breed?

Pitbull is the strongest, brave, and courageous breed. Blue Pitbulls are not afraid of anything; thus, they are tenacious. They require proper training and grooming, and they will prove to be the best pets for you.

Are they costly?

They are not so expensive but aren’t cheap either. The normal range lies within various thousands. The price varies depending on where you got them from.

Is it a family dog?

Yes, they are family dogs who love to cuddle, are suitable protectors, and stay loyal to you and the kids. They can make everyone in a family happy, from grandma to the new babies. What is better than a dog that can take care of kids and get soon well with you and other humans and pets as well.

Should you go for a blue pitbull or not?

Definitely yes! If you want a beautiful and adorable dog, then it is a perfect pick for you.
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