Are American Pitbull Terrier Dogs good pets?

August 22, 2021by Jennifer Schwab

Are you are a dog lover and want to own a pet? If you are here to find the perfect dog as your pet, then your search is over.In this article you will learn about American pit bull terriers.As you must hear of their bad reputation,but these are all fake rumours usually set up by anti-pit bulls.

These dogs appear furious and muscular, and you might freak out after hearing their stories and think that they are dangerous but this is not true. These are the most lovable, soft-hearted, and adorable dogs that have a pure gold heart. It is a companion and family-friendly breed.

Go through this article, and all of your queries regarding a pit bull terrier would be answered.

Where did they originate?

Pit bulls are initially from the United Kingdom. Their name might suggest you otherwise, but they never originated in America. In the early nineteenth century, a crossbreed between American bulldogs and terrier dogs occurred, resulting in a pit bull terrier.

The word pit was added because these dogs were put in pits for bear and dog fights. They had a brutal and abusive lifestyle initially. During the civil war, people migrated from the UK to the United States and took their pit bulls. With the passage of time, pit bull terriers started to get recognized as American dogs.

Due to their bad reputation, they are banned in some cities across the country.

How does a pit bull terrier look like?

pitbull terrier
  • A put bull terrier is a dog with a muscular appearance and a lot of body mass.
  • It has a short and appealing coat.
  • The head of a pit bull terrier is usually square-shaped.
  • It appears as a bulky canine.

Coat of pit bull terrier

It has a short and gorgeous coat, so not much grooming is required. Due to the short coat, their body surface is flat.

Do they exist in different colors?

Pitbull terriers are available in a wide range of colors. For Example

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Brindle
  • Red

Breeding fact file of the dog

  • Life span

These dogs live up to 12-16 years of life.

  • Weight

Females and Males both are usually 30-80 lbs.

  • Height

Males are 19 inches, and females are 18 inches.

What is the temperament of an American Pitbull terrier?

Pitbull terriers are some of the most good-tempered and well-mannered canine companions. They were used as fighting dogs and were mistreated, and when they didn’t land on the requirements of fighting, they were thrown out.

As a result, they became deprived of life necessities, aggressive, and attacked people passing by if they provoked the stray dogs. But now, the situation is changed, pit bulls are given their proper rights, and people change their views.

Pitbull terriers have various outstanding characteristics.

  • They are very protective of their human companions.
  • They love to do fun and adventures.
  • They are friendly and gentle with family, especially kids.
  • They are soft-hearted and yearn for love and affection all the time.

Is this a strong breed?

pitbull terrier

Pitbull terriers are the most active, brave, and courageous breed. They are not afraid of anything; thus, they are tenacious. They require proper training and grooming, and they will prove to be the best pets.

How to doTraining of a pit bull terrier?

Training them is easy to work. When they are young, they need proper socialization training. As a result, they grow up to be family-friendly, caring, and non-aggressive dogs. They will always look out for their masters. They should be obedience trained as well.

How to groom them?

Pitbull terriers are easy to groom as well. They have a short coat, so it reduces the hassle. Yes, they shed too like all other dogs, but they shed very little. They don’t bark or howl a lot but stay with them; leaving them might make them angry or pessimistic. Take good care of their hygiene and nutrition and spend quality time with them. Their presence will make you feel happy and safe too.

Diet of pit bull terriers

Pitbull terriers are active, so their diet should be a healthy too. High-quality dried food would be a good choice for the. Additional sources of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates should also be given with proper measurements.

  • 2-3 cups of kibble every day is recommended.

Are they high-energy dogs?

Yes! Pitbull terriers are highly energetic. They are always ready to play and do fun. Due to their high energies, they are active, and their power must be utilized in a good way or positive activity. Otherwise, the pressure might build up and cause troublesome situations. A good exercise is also recommended.

How much exercise do they need?

These dogs need a good 60 minutes of exercise daily. They do well in prey drives as well. Make them walk and run. They might love to play different pet games inside and outside the house.

The general health of American Pitbull Terriers

pitbull terrier

Overall, this breed has good health. They have a muscly body and a strong skeleton as well. But they are inclined to some common diseases like

  • Hip dysplasia- a joint defect
  • Cataracts- a visionary defect
  • Heart diseases
  • Allergies


What type of people are good owners of this dog?

These dogs get attached quickly to anyone who treats them with love. They need most of your time and affection. Ideally, people who work for little time or work online or can spare a reasonable amount of time for their dogs are good keepers of this dog.

Usually, the unique people go for this dog, and it’s interesting because the dog is impressive. If you are around them, your presence will cheer them up, and they can do some basic chores and even look after your children.


American Pitbull Terriers are fun to be with. They are loyal and will be the perfect canine companions for you. If you agree, then waste no more time and get your hands on this dog as soon as possible.
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